Advance Function

• Operation IP Center Function
• Main-Agent/Sub-Agent Function
• Internet Shop/Phone Shop Function
• Customer Management Function
• Web Administration Module
• Wholesale/Retail Billing Function
• Prepaid/Postpaid Function
• Service Type/Multiple Rates/Monthly Fee
• Traffic Analysis/System Monitor/SNMP
• CDR/Daily Statement/Monthly Statement
The telephony market is in the beginning stages of a paradigm shift that is changing the way voice services are delivered throughout the world.
WorldSip Softswitch
Softswitch platform. It is built for next-generation telecom carriers and service providers to offer VoIP service through Internet. It supports wide range client ending points from Phone Adaptor, IP Phone, to PC2Phone and Web2Phone (SoftPhone)

WorldSip IP Centrex
Traditional calling features (e.g., call forward, voice mail, instant conferencing, etc.) delivered via converged IP access for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Sip Hosted PBX
A network-based telephony solution that provides dial tone, personal and group calling features, and web-configurable service management. Offers greater deployment flexibility without the upfront investment, maintenance, and overhead of a traditional PBX.

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