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3-Way Calling
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IVR for recharge, low balance, etc.
Virtual Numbers Support (Virtual IP PBX)
Calling Card/Callback/PIN Less
WorldSip Session Border Control (SBC)

Session border control (SBC) that solves the issue of NAT traversal over VoIP without compromising security. Basically a SBC device, is an edge device that opens and maintains a secure hole through a firewall for real-time traffic, such as voice over IP or video. These devices contain call control features such as a SIP proxy server and an H.323 gatekeeper, so that media ports can be opened and closed on a per-call basis. It also performs network address translation (NAT) from private to public networks.

Excellent Feature for SBC

The SIP registrar allows dynamic registration of SIP endpoints. It means
that telcos can now collect calls from any type of SIP devices - even those
devoid of a fixed IP address such as IP PBXs, IP phones, and low-capacity
gateways. The ability to register such devices is especially critical for
service providers that focus on the end user or business segment.

WorldSip IP Centrex : Feature

Access voicemails through Web Account and play back through Web Account.
Feature send an email notifying you every time receive voicemail and attach the
actual message. Forward voicemails to others as an email attachment. Most of
the popular media player formats are supported

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